Underworld: Lend, Borrow, Margin

Borrow UI for the Current Lending Market

What Is: CoffinBox?

Think of the CoffinBox as a decentralized “App Store”

View your Assets and Collateral anytime from your balances.

What Is: Underworld?

How-To: Use CoffinBox to Access the Underworld

Unlike with traditional lending markets, your assets are put to work, even if they are not currently loaned out.

But How: Is This Even Possible?

How Are: Interest Rates Determined?

How Are: We Different?

Gas Optimized Vaults and Leverage-Trading

Limitless Potential Lending Pairs

Exclusive Lending Pairs Options

Passive-Income from Strategies

Isolated Lending Pairs = Limited Risk Failure

TLDR; Summary and Conclusion

Key Features

  • Isolated Lending Pairs. Anyone may create a pair. Users select which pairs they find safe enough. Risk is isolated to just that pair.
  • Flexible Oracles. Both on-chain and off-chain solutions supported and are reported to end-users directly via the user interface.
  • Elastic Interest Rates. Rates based on a target utilization of 75%.
  • Gas Optimized Strategies. Our contracts are optimized for low gas operations by leveraging the maximum-potential of the CoffinBox.
  • Maximize Opportunities. Your supplied assets may be used for flash loans, providing extra revenue for suppliers, you may also farm these lending pairs in our SoulSummoner or utilize a whole host of potential strategies, based off your risk-preference.




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SoulSwap Finance

The one-stop-shop for decentralized finance in the Fantom Ecosystem.

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