SoulSwap: Governance Update

Governance Portal: Planning Our Origins

Proposal Summary

We decided to take upon ourselves the opportunity to extract some valuable information when we conducted our practice proposal. Namely, we discovered the answer to the polled question.

What should we prioritize?

The results for the proposal may be found in a spreadsheet in our publicly-accessible Google Drive found here.

Upcoming Proposals and Features

We are delighted our proposal had as much activity as it did and would like to let you know what to expect next. Next week, we roll out our forums and we will introduce our first formal proposal. This proposal will include a vote that determines the allocation of Soul Power to our pools in the liquidity mine, which we will launch immediately after the proposal concludes.

Upcoming features include: community forum, our state-of-the-art liquidity mine, onboarding a new graphic designer, brand new analytics page, and a portal where you may access everything we have to offer in one cozy location.

Concluding Remarks

We are delighted to be on this journey with you and look forward to your feedback as we set out to design the most decentralized finance experience you can find with every vital aspect stemming from community deliberation and formalized proposals whenever and where ever possible. As always, we remind you this is a risky endeavor, however we are passionate about building this project and it is the result of nearly a year of careful planning and orchestrating. We are delighted to have you on board. Please refer to our new links page for all of our most relevant links:

Warm Regards,
0xBuns and DeGatchi

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