Solved: Farming Harvest “Bug”

How Did This Happen?

We surmise the cause is due to the pre-mine allocation of as noted in our docs found in our docs. This helped guide us in our preparation and execution of the solution we enacted as a means to immediately and comprehensively eliminated shorted harvests.

What’s Our Solution?

We transacted the following emergency transactions from our DEV multi-sig address in order to restore all unpaid debts and minimize harms by acting swiftly to resolve all future harvest actions.

We hope you understand why we have taken it upon ourselves to act unilaterally and will lay out a formalized methodology for future instances of emergency intervention to ensure there is a consistent level of transparent, responsibility, and respect for a devised Protocol with a tried and true methodology of identifying and executing the optimal mode of response to unknowns.

We are still early in our development, so we apologize for what may be perceived as anything other than it is intended: as a means to ensure our community no longer receives any less than what each and every user is due.

Our Solution: Transactions Processed

  1. Mint 1,027,734 SOUL: this is the total pre-mine allocation that should have been allocated towards farming rewards had the pre-mine originated from the SoulSummoner.

Premine Allocation: 1,370,311 SOUL
Farm Rewards Share: 75%
Farm Allocation of Pre-mine: 1,027,734

2. Send 250,000 SOUL: to the SEANCE Contract as the first injection of rewards payable while we work out the rewards owed to those users whose harvests were undercut.

0xBuns: 40,000 SOUL
DeGatchi: 20,000 SOUL



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