Introducing LUX-SOR: Stable Money

SOR Unlocks Infinite Possibilities for the Luxor Economy

We intend on resolving market inefficiencies plaguing rebase economies while adding value for Luxor as Money.

Why do we need a stable coin for Luxor anyway?

How Does This Affect The Luxor Economy?

In this article, we review our upcoming upgrades fashioned in a clear-cut, problem-to-solution orientation.

Problems with the Rebase Economic Model

Economic Outlook and Performance of Existing Rebase Economies

Rebase Market Performance: Time for Change

It has become evident that a rebase model is simply not going to cut it anymore — it’s time for change.

$OHM Chart: Source
$TIME Chart: Source

Problem 1: Overzealous Rebase Rewards (High APY Inflation)

Money Printer Goes “BRRR”

Problem 2: Unrealized Utility for Reserve Currencies (Low Utility)

Our Game Plan: to Overcome These Problems

Examining the plethora of opportunities we can explore.

Solution 1: Bye-Bye High-APY (Decreasing APY Inflation)

Solution 2: Adding Utility for Luxor Money (as a Reserve Currency)

SOR enables LUX to act as a reserve as for each newly-minted SOR, 20% of the collateral is stored in LUX.

Where is the Demand for SOR?

Exploring the Demand Drivers for SOR

Demand Driver 1: SOR Requirement for Newly-Minted LUX

Demand Driver 2: SOR Staking Rewards

The reversion fee (5%) will be redirected towards stakers. Incentivizing users to hold onto SOR instead of claiming for the underlying DAI (backing) of each token.

Moving Forward: Learning from Our Past to Restore Anew Potential

Stay tuned for guidance regarding the following protocol upgrades:



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