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EasyBake Finance is designed to become the one-stop-shop for all creative, fun, and easy ways to watch your dough rise. EasyBake aims to provide users with a decentralized, affordable, and interoperable platter of financial treats at the benefit of our Community. Our mission is to identify unique and innovative (crafty) solutions to finance in a decentralized ecosystem, namely one that operates in an interoperable manner. This is why we have selected the Polkadot ecosystem as Polkadot enables users to access multiple, specialized blockchains in one unified network. This will enable us to take advantage of things like arbitrage trades, yield farming, NFT minting, and so much more in a cross-chain, decentralized, fast and affordable manner.

The Magic of Decentralized Finance

In the eyes of this baker, decentralized finance represents so much more than quick gains — it represents an equalizer for those who otherwise have zero access to structures some of us take for granted. For example, currency that is inflation-resistant, stable coins (stable value storage), loans (with low rates), (high) interest on investments, lending opportunities and so much more. Access to these very structures may enable the advancement of a new economic class of innovative leaders from all around the world. As such, EasyBake refuses to participate in a closed-circuit, centralized ecosystem and is determined to bake up recipes accessible to anyone!

Introducing: the EasyBake $OVEN

EasyBake is designed to introduce a whole host of useful tools for bakers to take advantage of. Our first step is launching our EasyBake Oven via an initial liquidity generation event, which will start our liquidity pool and subsequently, we will launch the Bakery DApp in the form of liquidity mining (or baking $DOUGH) for the $OVEN governance token. Our goal is to create a means to ensure a fair distribution of $OVEN into the hands of those who are invested in the success of the EasyBake ecosystem.

Decentralized Exchange:

Introducing: the EasyBake Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

The EasyBake Oven will serve as the liquidity generator for the EasyBake Swap protocol for buyers and sellers to trade on for the decentralized exchange. The decentralized exchange, the EasyBake Swap, will generate fees (0.25%) that will go towards to the LP providers, the team, the treasury, and the burn pool. This will ensure the protocol will have recruitment funds for development and an ever-increasing reserve that is managed by the OVEN token holders. Each OVEN token will represent ownership of the OVEN Treasury, which means the community is able to vote on how these funds are used. The funds themselves will come in the form of a myriad of cryptocurrencies, enabling OVEN holders to also have a stake in the governance of other tokens in the Polkadot Ecosystem, further emboldening the hegemony of the EasyBake Protocol in the Polkadot Ecosystem.

Plans for the Future

As EasyBake Finance grows into a decentralized hub for finance powered by Polkadot, we aim to expand our offerings to our community, predicated on the desires of the $OVEN governance token holders. In the future, bakers will be given the option to expand our menu with the addition of some (or all) of the following concepts we are building out: NFT Farming (like MEME), an NFT Market (like RARI), a Launch Pad, P2P lending, automated yield farming, single asset staking, vaults, access to proprietary arbitrage (or algorithmic) trading bots, and so much more!

Concluding Remarks

EasyBake aims to expand the opportunities for baking more dough than ever before. We aim to make finance more accessible (and fun) for those who otherwise have little to no access to the opportunities we plan to offer up to our beloved community. Not only will you benefit from trading activity on our decentralized exchange, but you will benefit from a myriad of incentivized and strategic mechanisms to design a token that grows in value over time as it is progressively backed by stable, value-preserving assets in our treasury. In order to make this happen, our treasury will be composed of a myriad of assets from all corners of crypto-verse. We hope you enjoy our goodies so much, you never want to leave.

Bon Appétit,
Chef Buns

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Twitter: @EasyBakeFinance

Telegram Community: EasyBakeSwap

Telegram Announcements: EasyBakeNews

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