Introducing: SoulSwap Beta

SoulSwap Finance
1 min readAug 2, 2021



For those of you who have not been in the loop, EasyBakeSwap has been possessed by SoulSwap and we will be launching this month with a whole host of decentralized applications for our users to enjoy.

We decided to make the switch to Fantom and in honor of the vibe of Fantom Opera, we decided to honor the chain by swapping over to Soul Finance.

As such, you may have witnessed some of our rebranding in the process and we hope you come to love what we have done with the place.

Yesterday, we made a big step in our journey by launching our SoulSwap beta and you are welcome to access our beta here:

In addition, we have opened up discussions regarding our Beta in our Discord found here:

We hope you enjoy what you see and please be sure to stay tuned for more updates to come by joining us on any one of our number of Social Media accounts, found in our new documentation:

Warm Regards,

Enchantress Buns ❤ and DeGatchi



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