Governance Process: Proposals

The proposal process will later be formalized in a Governance contract, which codifies the specific means by which proposals may be proposed and executed. Covering every aspect from start to finish in order to ensure transparency and adherence to the precepts of decentralization.

Our proposal process may be codified as follows, in order to create a proposal, one must follow the following expectations.

1. Pre-Proposal: proposals must be introduced in our forum at least 36H before the snapshot occurs in order to allow for debate regarding the nature and scope of the topic and to enable the author to have the opportunity to revise their proposal without being coopted by a competing proposal.

2. Proposals: the voting period for proposals must take place over a full 72H in order to enable community members to carefully consider their options, ask questions, and research prior to making their vote. This also prevent malicious proposals from passing under the radar.

3. Post-Proposal: provided the proposal meets the previously-stated requirements, the team is obligated to carry through with the proposal in the manner requested to their best abilities, though reserves the right to interject on proposals that would directly and undeniably cause harm to the protocol.

Note: the ability to override will be extinguished with the formalized Governance contract and solely exists to prevent malevolent actors from successfully undermining the protocol in its infancy.

Beyond these three rules, we would like to open the floor for debate regarding additional constraints that ought to be added to our ruleset prior to deploying our Governance smart contract, which will function in a trustless, autonomous manner.

On this note, there will be a proposal submitted to Snapshot today, so stay tuned for the discussion in our forum!

Warm Regards,
Buns and DeGatchi




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