EasyBake May Wrap-Up(date)

Introducing: Our EasyBake Baker’s Rack
  • MasterChef V2: we will be deploying an entirely new MasterChef.sol, which will usher in a new manner of accounting for the creation of new tokens, one which creates on a time-basis and not a block-basis. The intuition here is to account for the inclusion of additional blockchains in the future. Since block mining rates aren’t universal, we decided to account by time, which happens to stay constant across all blockchains.
  • OvenVault.sol: in order to usher in our auto-compounding feature at launch, we will deploy an Oven Vault contract on testnet for you to test for yourself once we move forward with our V2 Beta.
  • EasyBakeFactory.sol: we will be introducing a way to create new pairs in a less costly manner — an improvement over all Uniswap forks.
  • Found a Bug? We would love your feedback in our forum: forum.easybake.finance
  • Partnership Announcement: we are proud to announce we are official partners with Unilayer and they have decided to participate in our ecosystem to help us build out trading views on top of our platform, bringing a more professional experience to our DEX.

✔️ Timeline and Action Items (for June)

  • Sunday, June 6th: EasyBake V2 Bakery Launch (Beta)
  • Sunday, June 6th: EasyBake V2 Exchange Launch (Beta)
  • Documentation: docs.easybake.finance (work in progress)
  • Home Page: landing page for our main domain for users to receive a high-level overview of EasyBake and our offerings.
  • Token Sales: we will reveal our public and private token sale rates.
  • Airdrop Snapshots: snapshots occur randomly this month




The one-stop-shop for decentralized finance in the Fantom Ecosystem.

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The one-stop-shop for decentralized finance in the Fantom Ecosystem.

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