EasyBake May Wrap-Up(date)

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3 min readJun 2, 2021


V2 Beta, Presale Price, Airdrop, Bakery Presentation, and so much more!

Greetings Bakers, you may have noticed my intermittent absence these past couple weeks and we appreciate your patience as Chef Buns moved to a new house and ushered in a new project: Makiswap.com on HECO, where users may swap instantaneously and virtually-free! As usual, our wrap-up(date) will wrap-up the month and usher in our upcoming adventures.

Introducing: Our EasyBake Baker’s Rack

For those new to the EasyBake community, welcome! Please checkout our project presentation at the end of this article or in our Telegram Community!

Ending the month of May with some sweet news to spoil our beloved bakers (that’s you!). As always, feel free to stop by our display window to view everything we have done thus far and what we have in store for the future. Join our Telegram News channel for the live link to our schedule.

New Challenges: added this week to the WIX for participation points.

💻 Blockchain Development (Buns and Buddy)

  • MasterChef V2: we will be deploying an entirely new MasterChef.sol, which will usher in a new manner of accounting for the creation of new tokens, one which creates on a time-basis and not a block-basis. The intuition here is to account for the inclusion of additional blockchains in the future. Since block mining rates aren’t universal, we decided to account by time, which happens to stay constant across all blockchains.
  • OvenVault.sol: in order to usher in our auto-compounding feature at launch, we will deploy an Oven Vault contract on testnet for you to test for yourself once we move forward with our V2 Beta.
  • EasyBakeFactory.sol: we will be introducing a way to create new pairs in a less costly manner — an improvement over all Uniswap forks.
  • Found a Bug? We would love your feedback in our forum: forum.easybake.finance

🌐 Web Development (Buddy and Buns)

As illustrated above, we have reconfigured out farms interface to include a new view, which will help us account for the multitude of new pools for our proprietary EasyBake Bakery. Introducing our EasyBake Baker’s Rack, where bakers benefit from viewing their staked assets in a stack. This new view will contain the APR, Liquidity Value, Earned Amount, and our Temperature, which corresponds with the multiplier on the rewards we provide to each respective liquidity pool. The “Baking Only” option enables bakers to hone in on only those assets for which you are staking.

Note on our info page: we will migrate over to an info page of our own once we go to mainnet. Until then, we use Uniswap data for demonstration purposes.

Our EasyBake Swap will be updated to account for a multitude of bugs we have experience and have since (mostly) resolved, with the exception of the minor hiccup because nobody’s perfect. We are excited for this release as we will also be introducing a lower trading fee over our competitors and we will continue to build upon our initial model as we develop more sophisticated techniques to reduce trading fees.

🐦 Marketing and Social (Buns)

Branding Template: we are building out our branding template and are excited to release our fresh looks once this update is complete. We are also looking to onboard more designers, so please point your creative bakers in our direction: EasyBakeFinance@gmail.com

💼 Operations and Administration (Buns)

  • Partnership Announcement: we are proud to announce we are official partners with Unilayer and they have decided to participate in our ecosystem to help us build out trading views on top of our platform, bringing a more professional experience to our DEX.

✔️ Timeline and Action Items (for June)

  • Sunday, June 6th: EasyBake V2 Bakery Launch (Beta)
  • Sunday, June 6th: EasyBake V2 Exchange Launch (Beta)
  • Documentation: docs.easybake.finance (work in progress)
  • Home Page: landing page for our main domain for users to receive a high-level overview of EasyBake and our offerings.
  • Token Sales: we will reveal our public and private token sale rates.
  • Airdrop Snapshots: snapshots occur randomly this month

Bon Appétit,

Chef Buns

Official Website: EasyBake.finance
Exchange: Swap.EasyBake.finance
Twitter: @EasyBakeFinance
Forum: forum.easybake.finance
Telegram Community: EasyBakeSwap
Telegram Announcements: EasyBakeNews
Project Presentation: Introducing EasyBake Finance



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