EasyBake May Start-Up(date)

We will include LAYERX/ETH farmers, so please do not withdraw liquidity just to qualify for the airdrop.

Bakers, thanks for your continual contributions | hope you enjoy what we’ve prepared for you!

Enabling a more flexible MasterChef (bakery) contract has also enabled us to operate in a truly interoperable fashion.

💒 Rewards Distribution


Full Slideshow Presentation: discussed here.

We utilize a blockchain-agnostic method of accounting for block reward intervals accounting for variations in block time from and within blockchains.

Interoperability is written into our Cook Book || Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

⛏ Premine: Airdrop and Presale


Six Months Worth of Tokens PreMined | 80% for Presale + 20% for Airdrop

❦ Oven Emissions: Illustration

OVEN Supply Distribution (Monthly)

⏏ Premine: Airdrop

✆ How To: Register For Airdrop

Register for Airdrop: airdrop.easybake.finance

⎌ Premine: Presale

⍟ Facts & Figures

Sample Distribution Data (viewable here)

➸ Airdrop & Presale: Want Details?

Signup for our Airdrop

All balances associated with the registered wallet address will be accounted for. Made possible by the UniLayer team who has agreed to provide us with this snapshot data.

🎮 Bakery and Exchange V2 Beta

♕ Exchange V2 Beta

♛ Bakery V2 Beta

Introducing $OVEN Racks: access a slimmed down version of our menu of options for baking $OVEN.

Our Specialties




The one-stop-shop for decentralized finance in the Fantom Ecosystem.

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SoulSwap Finance

The one-stop-shop for decentralized finance in the Fantom Ecosystem.

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