EasyBake April Wrap-Up(date)

Exchange Beta, Tokenomics, Presale, Bakery Presentation, and much more!

Checkout the full presentation at the end of this article or in our Telegram Community!

Ending the month of April with some sweet news to spoil our beloved bakers (that’s you!). As promised, this article will cover new development updates, including our upcoming exchange beta (v2)and comments on our bakery beta (v1) along with details regarding our tokenomics and presale and concluding with a link to a presentation for you to digest and share with a friend (or two). As always, feel free to stop by our display window to view everything we have done thus far and what we have in store for the future. Join our Telegram News channel for the live link to our schedule.

Take a bite out of this— our forum is live + new Twitter!

💻 Blockchain Development (Buns)

  • Bakery Beta: our Bakery Beta (v1) has completed and we will be moving to v2 next week (first week of May)! The updates are thanks to our newest addition, Chef Buddy, who has been working daily to update the Bakery interface to meet the expectations of our community as requested in the forums. You’re invited to provide feedback to help us better serve you!
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX): our Exchange Beta (v2) begins next week and will include liquidity and exchange components from our native exchange — bye-bye Uniswap. The beta will be accessible here. In the meantime, please begin to remove liquidity from the existing exchange as we will switch over to our own the first week of May. Please stay tuned for the official announcement for launch in our Announcements Channel. We would love your feedback, bakers.

Note: the DEX is connected to Uniswap liquidity, but serves as a proof of concept. Next week, we will have our own exchange deployed.

🌐 Web Development (Buddy)

  • Swap Page: our beloved Chef Buddy is shifting gears to work on updating the swap page as he completes the requested upgrades to the bakery beta. Both updates Bakery (v2) and Exchange (v2) will be available the first week of May, so please show some love to our newest addition to the team.
  • Info Page: now live with Uniswap data, however we will deploy one linking to our data prior to our official launch (sooner than you may think).
  • Bakery Page: our v1 is concluding and we are moving into our v2, so please remove your liquidity and get back your beloved ETH in preparation for our upcoming v2 beta, which will include a multitude of updates. Chef Buddy has been hard at work (daily) ensuring your opinions are heard with new updates rolling in on a near-daily basis.

Note: all pages are currently under development (in beta), so use at your own risk. We will transition out of beta upon our launch.

🐦 Marketing and Social (Buns)

  • New Partnership: though rumors are being spread around, we do not have any formalized partnerships with any other projects. However, we are in the process of negotiating a deal based off feedback made by the community and Chef Buns is leading this initiative using her internal contacts to ensure we start off with plenty of fuel for our OVEN 🔥🔥

💼 Operations and Administration (Buns)

  • Project Presentation: the moment you all have been waiting for has arrived. We have completed a slideshow as a primer on the EasyBake Ecosystem, so you may familiarize yourself with our tokenomics, utility, and answers to questions some of you may have in mind. Please provide feedback in our presentation in our Forum, which is also where you may find the link to our presentation.
  • Project Management Workflow: powered by Monday.com. We now have a public dashboard for transparency covering our progress and we call it our display window, found here.

✔️ Action Items (for May)

  • 🔲 Public Bakery Beta (v2): release our V2 of the Bakery beta, where you may enjoy the new features we plan to add, including the Pools section, a compound button, a rows view, and so much more!
  • 🔲 Public DEX Beta (v2): we will have a publicly-accessible DEX containing the specifications we arrive at as a community and release our exchange beta. Stay tuned for more in our forum!

Bon Appétit,

Chef Buns

Official Website: EasyBake.finance

Exchange: Swap.EasyBake.finance

Twitter: @EasyBakeFinance

Telegram Community: EasyBakeSwap

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