EasyBake April Start-Up(date)

Starting off April ahead of schedule, we’re pleased to announce s’more of our delightful goodies that we know you all have been just craving to hear. We have been staying on top of our objectives we laid out for all to see in our display window, where (as always) we invite you to stop by and view the goodies we have been cooking up.

Take a bite at this news — our forum is now live + new Twitter!

Chef Buns displaying teasers for our upcoming UI updates 🍰

Blockchain Development (Buns)

  • Bakery Beta: our Bakery beta begins this week! Please stay tuned for the official announcement for launch on our Announcements Channel. We would love your feedback, bakers.
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX): while we build out a DEX of our own to test in another public beta, please feel free to use our existing DEX hosting EVERY Polkadot ERC20 available on Uniswap — accessible here. We have added every one we know of, but this is an ever-growing list, so please let us know if we need to add any more and we gladly will.

Note: the DEX is connected to Uniswap liquidity, but serves as a proof of concept.

Web Development (Buns and Thick)

  • Home Page: the new home page will be released this week including our baking frontend — just in time for the beta testing.
  • Swap Page: our beloved Chef Thick is still hard at work creating a new design for our UI — adding a whole new layer of customization.
  • Info Page: now live with Uniswap data — info.easybake.finance
  • Bakery Page: going live this week for the public beta testing.

Note: all pages are currently under development (in beta), so use at your own risk. We will transition out of beta upon our launch.

Marketing and Social (Thick, Cake)

  • New Sticker Pack: even more stickers have arrived and our sticker-maker is hard at work diligently crafting animated stickers we know you will love, check them out in our Telegram Community Group. More being added on a daily basis throughout March!

Operations and Administration (Buns)

  • EasyBake Questionnaire: please fill out of questionnaire to help us create the foundation for our community. This is your chance to let us know your thoughts on launch details and signaling your stance on a number of topics ranging from airdrops, fee distribution, and much more.
  • Survey Forum: upon completion of the questionnaire, please provide your feedback in the forum post designated for this purposes accessible here.
  • Project Management Workflow: powered by Monday.com. We now have a public dashboard for transparency covering our progress and we call it our display window, found here.
  • Chef Interviews: we have received dozens more applications we will be reviewing this week. If you have not heard back from, please do not take it personally. If you are a hard no, we will let you know. If you do not receive a reply within 7 days of submitting, please email us to let us know you are still interested in being a part of the team to expedite your request.

Are you interested in participating in an EasyBake presale? Click here to fill out our questionnaire before it closes!

Action Items for end of April 2021

  • Public Bakery Beta: this week we will be opening up the Bakery for a public beta as a proof of concepts and welcome you to review our work and let us know how you feel about it prior to public release.
  • Public DEX Beta: by the end of April, we will have a publicly-accessible DEX containing the specifications we arrive at as a community.

Bon Appétit,

Chef Buns

Official Website: EasyBake.finance

Exchange: Swap.EasyBake.finance

Twitter: @EasyBakeFinance

Telegram Community: EasyBakeSwap

Telegram Announcements: EasyBakeNews