EasyBake Airdrop Announcement

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3 min readMay 7, 2021


EasyBake will be rewarding community members — both old and new!


For those who are unaware of what EasyBake has been silently cooking up in the background, please feel free to read up on our very first post describing our mission and philosophy and for more details, you may read our most recent mention in WendyO’s white paper.

In this article, you will receive details regarding our upcoming airdrop, opportunities to participate, along with a teaser for Saturday’s May update post containing our finalized tokenomics — including our token distribution and novel inflation rate that will make you crave a slice of what we have coming fresh out of our OVEN.

🎁 Why An Airdrop?

50% in support of Airdrops from our recent survey.

As an automated market maker, one of the most vital components of our ecosystem includes our participants. Since our protocol is centered around enhancing the trading experience, then it is common sensical to include extending this opportunity to other members of the trading community as an attempt to acquire targeted exposure. As a result of this mutual understanding in combination with the results of the survey on this very question as well as deliberations occurring in our community forum, there is resounding support in favor of an airdrop. As such, we will be proceeding with one.

🔎 How May You Qualify?

🅰️ Option A: join and participate in the EasyBake ecosystem. We take into account participation in our surveys, our online Telegram and Twitter communities and our forum. There will be weights based off contributions and revealed at a later date and 2 modes of qualifications — both as a holder of an NFT (details TBA) or via accumulated participation points (details TBA).

🅱️ Option B: LAYER/X holders. There will be a snapshot for holders of UniLayer (date TBA) for which holders of at least 500 UniLayer may claim at a ratio of 1 $OVEN token per every 5 $LAYER tokens. This excludes the 20M tokens held in the UniLayer dev wallet. As a special bonus, 1,000,000 $OVEN will be distributed to holders of at least 1 $LAYERX token at a ratio of 100 $OVEN per $LAYERX. Any remaining tokens will be burned forever, making the supply scarcer and thus increasing the value of each individual token.

📍 tldr;
Users must have a verified EasyBakeSwap Profile and either (a) |or| (b):
(a) EasyBake NFT | or | Participation Points
(b) 500 $LAYER | or | 1 $LAYERX

📲 Stay Tuned: Tomorrow’s Announcements and More Information

Our Saturday semi-monthly update will be released tomorrow and will include details not discussed in this article. Stay tuned by following our Medium and Announcements Channel and joining in on our conversations on Telegram, Twitter, and our active community forum.

Contribute your ideas in our forum and help us form a decentralized, collaborative community of Bakers. forum.easybake.finance

In our semi-monthly update Saturday, we will provide the roll out date of our Bakery and Exchange V2 Public Beta. We will also include our finalized distribution charts and analysis along with our innovative future-proofing technique to the MasterChef contract that enables seamless interoperability.



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